Car AccidentsExploring the Role of Chance in Car Accidents

July 29, 20230

Car accidents happen every day, and the causes vary. There is often someone or something to blame, but how much of it is down to chance? Does chance play a key role in these incidents or is this explanation just not enough? In reality, chance and random luck always have some part to play in the grand scheme of things, but there may be other circumstances that are relevant to explore as well.

Most Common Causes of Car Accidents

With that in mind, what are the most common causes of car accidents? Drunk drivers make the top of the list, and this is followed by people using their cell phones behind the wheel. Factor in things like speeding and adverse road conditions, and any one of these things can cause a crash.

How the Chance of Being in an Accident Increases

What are the things that make it more likely for an accident to take place?

Being Tired

Driving while tired is dangerous because your brain is not switched on to full capacity. You will make mistakes, fail to spot hazards and respond slowly to the environment.

Random Weather Events

Regardless of what the weather forecast tells us, you can never rule out a random weather event. Flash storms, leftover ice, and potholes caused by heavy rainfall will all make accidents happen.

Other Drivers Neglecting Their Duty of Care

It goes without saying that you can’t control everything. Every time you get into the car and go somewhere, there is a risk that another road user will crash into you or cause an accident up ahead. Whether they are speeding, have been drinking or taking drugs, picking up their phone, or any number of other things, the chance of something happening goes up.

Driving Angry

Your emotions dictate a lot. If you are driving while angry, you are not in control and that is a hard truth to hear. It is never advisable to operate a vehicle when emotions are running high because you cannot think clearly or make smart decisions that will keep you and everyone else safe.

The Impact of Car Accidents on the Victim

Car accidents are traumatic events whether they are a hit-and-run collision or a multi-vehicle pileup. They may cause PTSD symptoms, depression, anxiety, catastrophic injury, and completely upturn a life.

Chance will always play a role in car accidents. There is not a lot you can change about external forces when you get behind the wheel. All you can do is make sure that you are in a fit state to operate a vehicle, and that you are paying attention to all of the surroundings.

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