Truck Accident InjuryMassachusetts Truck Driver Charged with Death of Seven Motorcyclists in Drugged Driving Case

September 10, 20190

It’s no secret that trucks pose a serious danger to motorists, including motorcycle riders who may be less visible to a driver. Although there are many different rules and regulations that apply to trucking operations with the intention of keeping everyone safe, countless drivers fail to comply with these laws. In some instances, they turn to narcotics and other illegal substances to help them stay awake during long hauls in violation of countless laws. At the Law Office of Michael O. Smith, we are prepared to assist you with determining whether you are entitled to compensation after a Boston truck accident.

Recently, a Massachusetts truck driver was charged with causing the deaths of seven motorcyclists when the rig that he was operating careened into the group of motorcyclists in New Hampshire. Three other individuals were seriously wounded in the accident. Reports suggested that the Massachusetts Department of Transportation and the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles failed to take appropriate action to suspend the truck driver’s license as the result of several out-of-state driving violations that had been reported to the RMV. The truck driver claimed that he reached down to pick up his beverage and unintentionally drifted from his lane of travel at the time of the crash.

When police raided his home, however, they found illegal narcotics believed to be heroin and when he was arrested at the scene of the crash police officials observed erratic behavior consistent with amphetamine consumption. The truck driver was employed as a truck driver for a Massachusetts trucking company and possessed a commercial driver’s license.  He had previous citations for drunk and drugged driving, which had been reported to Massachusetts DOT and RMV officials.


The grieving families of the fallen motorcycle riders can bring a wrongful death action to recoup any expenses and costs associated with the loss of their loved ones. This type of action is brought on behalf of the decedent’s estate. The executor or administrator of the estate is appointed as the plaintiff in the case and must act on behalf of the estate’s interests. It is separate from any criminal investigation or prosecution that may be taken against the person who caused the death to occur.

Although no amount of money can truly repair a family after this type of sudden and inexcusable loss, it can cover medical expenses, funeral fees, and burial expenses. The family can also seek compensation for the sudden loss of their loved one’s companionship, care, comfort, guidance, and support. In some situations, the surviving family members may also be entitled to seek compensation for the value of the income that the decedent would have reasonably produced during his or her lifetime.

As a seasoned Boston truck accident lawyer, our lead attorney is ready to help you ensure that you seek the entire amount of compensation that you deserve as a result of this horrific incident. We will guide you through each step of the process with the compassionate, diligent, and knowledgeable legal counsel that you deserve. To set up a free consultation, call our office as soon as possible at 617-263-0060 or contact us online to get started.

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