Medical MalpracticeUncategorizedPharmacy Chain is being sued after causing injuries to a customer from filling the incorrect medication

March 23, 20150

A Plaintiff has brought a lawsuit against the large Drug Store Chain, CVS, for allegedly filling the wrong medication. The Plaintiff filed the lawsuit earlier this year after she received an anti-depressant medication instead of a medication to treat her acid reflex issues. The Plaintiff claimed she was given the anti-depressant medication Duloxetine instead of the correct medication for her acid reflex, called Dexlansoprazole. The Plaintiff began to experience multiple symptoms such as disorientation, lethargy and vertigo which ultimately caused her to feel faint, fall and fracture her nose as well as injuring her eyes. She is claiming her fall and resulting injuries are the result of the pharmacy chain’s mistake.

CVS Pharmacy LLC, is accused of improperly dispensing the medication, failing to take proper precautions to avoid dispensing incorrect prescriptions and failing to possess the degree of knowledge and skill that pharmacists should possess and failure to exercise the necessary degree of care.   The plaintiff is claiming damages for pain and suffering, mental anguish, medical expenses and loss of enjoyment of live.

Various courts throughout this country are seeing an increase in pharmacy malpractice claims for filling the incorrect medications. This could be due to the abundance of new medications in the market over the last decade as well as improper training and increased workload of pharmacists.

If you or somebody you know experienced an injury as a result of being given the incorrect medication from a pharmacy, you could be eligible for a recovery. Please contact The Mass Injury Group for a free consultation.

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