Child Injury5 Reasons Cheap Toy Imports Are So Dangerous

September 16, 20230

Children’s toys are designed to be fun and safe for all, which is why the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) strictly regulates the US toy industry to ensure every sold item is fit for purpose. However, there are a growing number of cheap imported toys, which aren’t manufactured according to the guidelines and can cause serious harm.

Substandard Materials

Toys are often made of plastics, cardboard, metals, and wood. All of these are common materials found in everyday household items, but there are hundreds of different variations, and some of them can be extremely harmful, especially when they’re used to build children’s toys.

The use of substandard materials can lead to a range of different issues including toys breaking easily, which can cause serious health complications. For example, if a substandard toy breaks into small shards, it can pierce the skin and lead to serious injuries.

Unsafe Manufacturing Techniques

Toys manufactured in the US and overseas must be tested by a CSPC-authorised laboratory to ensure it’s up to the correct standard. These rigorous tests check for materials used, strength, sound quality, toxins, and much more.

In cheap imported toys, the manufacturing techniques deemed safe for consumers may not be followed, which can lead to excessively sharp edges. This can be extremely dangerous for small children, especially as they have a tendency to put toys in their mouths, near their eyes, or even turn them into projectiles.

Toxic Chemicals

There are many materials that have been deemed unfit for use across a number of industries, from construction to toy manufacturing. However, cheap import toy manufacturers don’t often follow these rules, which is why toxic chemicals may be present. Common toxic chemicals include:

These types of toxic chemicals can lead to a range of medical conditions including brain injuries, heart conditions, and even death. Our expert lawyers can help claim compensation for all damages, including these.

Choking Hazards

When imports make it onto shop shelves without passing tests, the impact on consumers can be truly devastating. For example, a cheap imported stuffed toy may have eyes that can pop off, which can then be swallowed.

If toy manufacturers follow the CPSC regulations, these parts should be small enough to leave room in a child’s airways for oxygen to pass. However, some cheap imports may not follow these rules, which means a swallowed piece of the toy may completely block the airway and lead to death.

Fire Hazards

Many modern toys are made using intricate electronics, which are designed to withstand tough handling. When these toys are manufactured in compliance with regulations, they remain at a safe temperature regardless of the heat. However, cheap imported goods may have dodgy wiring or sub-standard parts, which can get extremely hot and lead to fires or burns.

Toys are designed to bring children – and adults – joy, but that can only happen when all products are manufactured according to strict guidelines laid out by the CPSC. Cheap imported toys are a danger to children, and every effort must be prevented to bring those responsible to justice.

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