Motorcycle AccidentsThe Importance of Protective Clothing When Riding Motorcycles

September 20, 20230

Motorcycles are exhilarating but can also be very dangerous if a rider gets into an accident without the correct protective gear. Motorcycle accidents are devastating because the rider is not protected like a driver would be by a vehicle’s body, and motorcycles do not have the safety features cars have, such as airbags.

The best protection a motorcycle rider has is protective clothing.  It protects motorcycles from serious injuries and even fatalities. Motorcycle accidents can also have long-term consequences and change the life of the rider irreversibly. For this reason, you can seek compensation for the injuries you have suffered and damage caused, while family members can sue for wrongful death if a loved one is killed in a motorcycle accident.

In this article, we look at why protective clothing is so important for motorcyclists.

It Protects You In Case of Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are an unfortunate reality of our world, and they can happen regardless of what a motorcyclist does on the road. Remember, not every road user places as much importance on others’ safety as they do their own.

Motorcycle accidents often result in the rider encountering the offending vehicle, the road, other vehicles, and numerous other environmental hazards. Protective clothing provides a barrier between a rider and these hazards, helping reduce the likelihood and severity of injuries.

Helmets are a great example of protective clothing that prevents serious injuries and fatalities. The head and the brain are delicate, and the forces involved in an accident can cause injuries to both. For example, a rider can have traumatic brain injuries if the forces are large enough to cause the brain to rock back and forth in the brain such that it gets bruised or injured in other ways.

Protective Clothing Prevents Road Rash

Depending on their speed and angle of impact, a motorcyclist can slide along the surface following an accident. It is in our nature to want to protect ourselves, so you may put out your hands to protect the rest of the body. In doing so, you may suffer friction burns known as road rash.

Protective clothing protects you from road rash by being the barrier between you and the road surface or ground. Proper riding gear should be made from abrasion-resistant materials like reinforced textiles, Kevlar, or leather to decrease the severity of road rash following an accident.

Impact Absorption

A crash or collision releases a lot of energy, some that may be lost as sound or light and some that is absorbed by the rider and motorcycle. Such forces following impact can cause severe injuries, ranging from broken bones to severe internal injuries.

Protective clothing, including pants and jackets, can come with built-in armor or padding. This additional layer can absorb and disperse impact energy in case of a collision to reduce the severity of injuries.

Apart from pants and jackets, riders should also wear spine protectors. Spine protectors restrict movement or absorb a lot of force during motorcycle accidents. By doing so, they prevent serious spine and vertebrae injuries that can result in long-term pain, long-term discomfort, or paralysis.

Protective Clothing Protects Riders from Inclement Weather

Some riders love challenging themselves by riding in challenging weather, while some have no option but to ride in these conditions because they do not have an alternative transportation option. Regardless of why a rider does this, harsh weather can lead to discomfort and distraction that can put the rider in danger through exposure, being unable to focus, and having their reaction times impaired.

Protective clothing solves many of these issues by shielding you from adverse weather, including rain, winds, and extreme temperatures. That said, you should try to avoid riding in such conditions as much as possible. Doing so puts you in danger, and the consequences will not be worth it.

Increased Visibility

A motorcyclist’s visibility is crucial, especially at night and in bad weather. A motorcycle has a much smaller footprint than a vehicle, which means it can be harder to spot unless you take measures to help other road users see you.

Motorcycle-specific protective equipment has reflective elements or is made of brightly colored material to increase visibility. Visible motorcyclists are less likely to be hit by vehicles, but you should also stay vigilant in challenging conditions to avoid getting into dangerous situations.

Protective Gear Allows Riders to Comply With the Law

The protective gear a rider needs depends on the state, but almost all states mandate that motorcyclists wear helmets while riding. In addition, the helmet should meet specific requirements and standards, including fitting and being secured well.

Wearing protective gear like helmets goes beyond legal compliance because it also encourages safe riding practices.

Protection from Debris and Insects

You should get proper eye protection if your motorcycle does not have a windshield. Eye protection protects against insects, grit, dust, and other matter from hitting and potentially injuring you.

Additionally, you are less likely to be distracted by debris if you have proper protection and know it cannot hurt you. Such confidence can reduce the risk of motorcycle accidents.

Protective Gear Can reduce Fatigue

Fatigue is one of the most common causes of car and motorcycle accidents. Properly designed safety equipment can provide the support and comfort required to reduce fatigue during long rides. Doing so eliminates the dangers associated with fatigue while allowing riders to stay alert and in control at all times.

Remember that you should take regular breaks if riding long distances or for a long time, regardless of how comfortable you feel. You may not know how tired or sore you are from hours of sitting until you get off the motorcycle.

Motorcyclists should take measures to protect themselves when riding. The best way of doing so is by wearing protective clothing and staying vigilant on the road. That said, motorcycle accidents can still happen due to the actions of others and may cause serious injuries regardless of what you do as a motorcyclist. You can talk to our attorneys about your accident so we can help you get compensation for your injuries.

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