Medical MalpracticeA women from Connecticut was recently awarded $12 Million dollars by a jury as a result of a medical malpractice claim

June 18, 20140

A women from Connecticut recently received a $12Million award from a Jury in a Medical Malpractice case. The women, Vivian Gagliano, from Reading Connecticut underwent what she thought to be a routine hernia surgery at the Danbury Hospital. Unfortunately, a surgical mistake lead to a severe stomach infection causing multiple complications.

The attorney for the plaintiff said a medical resident perforated Ms. Gagliano’s colon and the mistake was not discovered until after they closed the surgical site and she developed an infection. She went into septic shock, sustained a heart attack, her organs began to fail and she went into a coma. She eventually required multiple surgeries to correct the mistake and it left her the loss of most of her large intestine. The plaintiff still cannot properly digest food and continues to suffer from medical problems as a result of the mistake.

The plaintiff alleged she had no idea that a medical resident was going to participate in the surgery. The surgical resident and the Hospital denied any negligence. The Hospital spokesperson said they disagree with the jury verdict and are considering an appeal.

There are always inherent risks when an individual undergoes surgery. Unfortunately, some complications can be the result of negligence. If you or somebody you know believe you are a victim of medical malpractice, you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney such as the Mass Injury Group for a free consultation.

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