Auto AccidentMan Struck a Utility Pole in a Single Motor Vehicle Accident in Billerica, Massachusetts

May 19, 20140

The Lowell Sun, a newspaper in Lowell Massachusetts, reported of a man operating his vehicle and struck a utility pole in Billerica late Friday evening. The report stated that he “had a medical episode” which may be the reason that caused the operator to lose control of his car and crash into the pole.

This was a one-car accident, and the Billerica Police and Fire Department were called to rescue the man from the vehicle.  Firefighters had to use an ax to remove the windshield as it was “smashed up pretty good.”

This is an interesting matter of liability issue when presenting a claim for personal injury and medical benefits to the insurance company after an accident.  If the driver just lost control of his vehicle and got into an accident, then liability would be clear.   However, in this case it was said that the man might have had a “medical episode.”  In this case, it may be arguable that there was no negligence on the part of the operator.

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