NegligenceSettlement of over $100 million reached with victims who received contaminated steriod injections from a Framingham Massachusetts Company

May 12, 20140

He owners of a Framingham Massachusetts producer of steroid injections have agreed to a settlement in response to claims by victims who received tainted injections. The company, New England Compounding Center (NECC), its owners and insurers have agreed to a settlement that will reach more than $100 million according to Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly published May 12th, 2014.

The US Centers for Disease Control estimated that the contaminated steroid injections produced by New England Compounding Center affected over 700 individuals nationwide. The victims who received the tainted injections have been diagnosed with fungal meningitis and other serious injuries. The US Centers for Disease Control confirmed at least 64 deaths as a result of individuals receiving the contaminated steroid injections.

The owners of the company will contribute almost $50 million in cash in addition to millions more from the company’s insurance carriers. There will be a compensation fund set up for the victims and their families. The US Bankruptcy Court will need to approve the terms of the settlement.

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