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September 13, 20170

Recently, a Boston Globe article made clear that the city’s “Slow Streets” program will affect select neighborhoods with the effort of eliminating serious Boston car accidents. The neighborhoods selected to participate in the program are Grove Hall/Quincy Corridor, Chinatown, Mount Hope/Canterbury, Highland Park, and the West of Washington Coalition. As a community-based initiative, Slow Streets is a part of Vision Zero. Vision Zero refers to Boston’s plan to eliminate the incidence of serious traffic crashes, including fatalities, throughout the city.Vision Zero makes clear that tackling distracted and impaired driving within Boston is a priority.  Since traffic deaths are preventable, Vision Zero focuses on increasing safe human behaviors to reduce vehicle collisions.  According to state law, when drivers are distracted, and their conduct behind the wheel leads to a crash, they can be held at fault for the resulting harm.  The significance of the Vision Zero initiative is that it recognizes the impact of human error and poor driving behavior.

Through Vision Zero, efforts are made to reduce the speed limits throughout Boston, for example, from 30 MPH to 25 MPH.  Focusing city resources on reducing the incidence of serious vehicle collisions comes at a time when the city recognizes there has been a rise in pedestrian injuries and fatalities.  According to statistics set forth on the Vision Zero website, compiled by the Boston Police Department, a majority of crashes take place when pedestrians are simply crossing or along streets.

Since all drivers are required to meet their duty to avoid causing foreseeable harm to others, when drivers speed or recklessly endanger those around them, they may be held at fault if a crash and resulting injuries take place. Victims are entitled to file a personal injury claim against a driver who has carelessly caused a crash.

Throughout Boston, an effort has been made to reduce driving speeds in urban areas.  Research conducted by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) makes clear that speeding is a major cause of traffic collisions throughout the nation.  By providing visual and physical cues through Slow Streets, the intention is to reduce the incidence of speeding, which leads to neighborhood accidents.

Regarding the Slow Streets initiative, the stated purpose of the program is to increase the quality of life for residents of Boston.  Pedestrians and bicyclists are negatively affected by the prevalence of dangerous drivers.  According to the initiative, by decreasing the number of fatal traffic accidents, residents will promote the safety of everyone while holding themselves accountable for positive results.

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