Auto AccidentCompany that runs Boston based Duck Tours changes safety procedures in response to recent death of a women struck by a duck boat

August 5, 20160

The Company that operates the “Duck Boat” tours in Boston will now require two staffers to be on all duck boats in light of the recent death of a 28 your old women that was struck and killed by a duck boat while riding a scooter. Allison Warmuth, 28, was driving a motor scooter near the Boston Common in April when she was struck and killed by the duck boat. A passenger on the scooter was injured.

The Women’s death also prompted the filing of legislation in Massachusetts that would prohibit duck boat drivers from simultaneously serving as narrator and tour guide on the vehicles. The parents of the women killed when struck by a Duck Boat also pushed for the passage of a bill which would require all duck boats to be equipped with blind spot cameras and sensors. Seattle also imposed new rules, including separate tour guides when a duck boat crashed last year, killing five passengers on the bus.

The majority of the duck boats used for tours are World War II era reproduction vehicles that were not designed navigate busy city streets. Furthermore drivers of the tour bus can be distracted because they sometimes are required to give verbal narratives of historical sites for the patrons. The addition of another employee on a duck boat is a welcome safety procedure. This way, there will be another set of eyes to ensure the duck boat is free and clear of all pedestrians before proceeding. Sensors and cameras will also aid the driver and confirming the boat is free and clear of hazards before proceeding.

Hopefully these new safety procedures will lessen the chances of having another unfortunate death. If you or a loved one experienced an injury or a family member’s death occurred due to someone else’s negligence, it is imperative you speak with a personal injury expert to understand your rights and remedies.

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