Auto AccidentFamily of victim in fatal car accident sues other driver, as well as other parties including auto manufacturer

January 9, 20150

The family of retired Santa Ynez teacher Linda Wall — who was killed last December in a DUI crash — filed a wrongful-death and product-liability lawsuit earlier this month against Toyota, a towing company, the county, driver Rebecca Sandoval, and Sandoval’s sister. Your average injured persons seem to be under the impression that you can only recover money damages from the other driver. This is not true. Occasionally, there can many parties from which you can recover money damages.

Wall’s husband and three children contend, among several claims, that the seat-back in 68-year-old Wall’s 2004 Toyota Highlander was defective. The family also asserts that EMS workers for the county, who were responding to an unrelated call at the time and place of the accident, had turned on their sirens and lights prematurely. This required traffic to slow down and pull to the side of the road, which set the stage for this terrible accident.

Members of our law firm have worked on auto accident cases where the firm was able to get; (1) Hundreds of thousands of dollars from the responsible drivers; (2) Over a million dollars from the responsible driver’s employer; and (3) Millions of dollars from a defective product involved in the accident. It very important that injured parties contact a lawyer, because otherwise they could miss out on significant money damages.

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