Bus AccidentMassachusetts Lawsuit Against School Bus Insurer Highlights Potentially Dangerous Driving Practices

November 14, 20170

School buses are required to travel down residential roads to pick up and drop off schoolchildren. Those roads were often constructed for smaller vehicles, such as sedans or SUVs. The large size of buses, combined with the narrow residential roads, can lead to accidents. At least, the Massachusetts bus accident claim filed against the Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association alleges that buses are traveling down roads that are too narrow.

The owner of a 2008 Honda vehicle stopped at an S-curve as a school bus approached from the opposite direction. The bus appeared to idle for a moment, possibly considering whether it could fit through the turn, and then proceeded. The plaintiff’s car was struck as the bus rounded the turn.

The owner of the Honda filed a complaint against the Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association. The organization is a not-for-profit group that provides insurance for Massachusetts school buses. The plaintiff’s damages are not exceptionally high and do not involve any personal injury damages. However, as the plaintiff noted, the lawsuit was filed to not only recoup compensation but also allege that bus drivers are not being properly trained to drive down narrow residential roads. The plaintiff alleges that school buses are being sent down roads where they cannot simply fit or navigate without damaging other people’s cars.


In response, the school district issued a formal statement stating that school bus drivers are trained to use “due caution” when transporting children to and from their homes and that they expect the general public to do the same when in the vicinity of bus operations.

Although this case is only one highly publicized instance of alleged school bus negligence, it’s true that it can require extreme care to navigate a school bus down a narrow residential road. The school district maintained that school bus drivers are trained in this regard. However, mistakes are still possible. The plaintiff’s lawsuit is set for a November 28, 2017 court date, but his goal of raising public awareness relating to school bus accidents has already been achieved.

School bus accidents are unfortunate occurrences, but that does not mean that they should be allowed to happen. Narrow roads and passageways are areas particularly at-risk for Boston school bus accidents. If you have already experienced a school bus accident because of narrow roadways in your area, it’s important to have an experienced and aggressive attorney who can advocate for you. Attorney Michael O. Smith has years of experience working with Boston car accident victims. You can reach us at 617-263-0060 or complete our online form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us to discuss your case.

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