Auto AccidentMassachusetts Tour Bus Company Settles Auto Accident Dispute Over Allegedly Causing a Passenger’s Back Injuries

November 29, 20170

Massachusetts car accidents can lead to a wide variety of injuries. Although car safety technology has improved over the years, the impact from a collision can have life-changing consequences. One of the more common injuries experienced by those who are involved in car accidents is back injuries. The injuries to a woman from an auto accident involving a tour bus in Massachusetts demonstrate the injuries that can result from a driver’s alleged negligence.

The plaintiff was riding as a passenger in a car when the car was struck by a bus. Her complaint alleges that when the accident occurred in February 2013, she suffered back injuries. The accident occurred while their vehicle was sitting idle in a turn lane when the tour bus pulled into the turn lane next to the plaintiff. Both vehicles attempted to make the turn at the same time, but while both of the vehicles were turning, the vehicles collided with each other. The plaintiff alleged that the resulting injuries involved her cervical and lumbar discs and required extensive surgery in order to repair the damage.

Massachusetts law establishes a duty of motor vehicle drivers to act reasonably while navigating the roadways. Similar to other types of negligence claims, a driver is required to drive with reasonable care under the circumstances. Courts often define reasonable care as the care that an ordinary and prudent individual might exercise under the circumstances. In the context of auto accidents, a driver owes a duty to exercise ordinary care to avoid causing an auto accident. It is generally a question for the fact-finder at trial to determine whether a defendant breached his or her standard of care and acted negligently while on the public roadways.


This case did not go to trial. It was settled in October 2017 for the amount of $1.414 million. The settlement documents were not made publicly available, but the settlement amount was cited as compensation for the plaintiff’s back injuries that she experienced in the car accident. The tour bus’ insurance carrier paid out almost all of the amount owed toward the agreed-upon settlement.

Tour buses are massive vehicles that can cause serious injuries. If you have experienced an injury because of a bus accident, consider bringing on an aggressive attorney who will seek to recover any compensation you might be entitled to receive. Michael O. Smith has the necessary background to assist those injured in Boston car accidents. You can reach his law office at 617-263-0060 or fill out our online form to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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