Auto AccidentNew England State Considers Revoking Seatbelt Law

March 5, 20150

Law makers from the State of Maine are considering legislation that would allow adults to opt out of wearing seatbelts while operating a vehicle.  Neighboring New Hampshire is presently the only state that does not mandate seat belts for drivers.  A republican senator who proposed the bill believes Maine’s mandate for all adults to wear seatbelts while operating a motor vehicle infringes on People’s freedom to make personal decisions. The Senator further went on to say that Government exists to protect us from each other, not to protect us from ourselves.

Many groups have opposed the repeal of the law mandating drivers to wear their seatbelts, including Maine’s police department and the Medical Association of trauma surgeons.  One surgeon is quoted as saying “if the mandate to wear seatbelts helps keep a few dozen people out of my ER trauma room, then I will take the governance”.  Many opponents argue repealing the law to wear seatbelts would be a dangerous move that would lead to more highway deaths.

Seatbelts are designed to mitigate physical injuries of occupants of motor vehicles involved in accidents.  Individuals who are involved in major car accidents who wore seatbelts can avoid serious injuries, including traumatic brain injuries.  Wearing a seatbelt does not always mean you will avoid all injuries if you are in an accident.  If you or somebody you know have been involved in a motor vehicle accident and sustained an injury, I suggest you contact one of our experienced team members to discuss your potential claim.

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