Auto AccidentPickup truck plows into bicyclists killing 5 and injuring others

June 15, 20160

Police in Michigan have arrested a man suspected of plowing his pickup truck into a group of bicyclists, killing five of them and seriously injuring four others. The driver left the scene, but a suspect, described as a 50-year old man, was apprehended a short while later, according to law enforcement.

The District Attorney Office said “We don’t have any motive for why this happened. As far as I know, the bicyclists were not doing anything other than simply riding their bikes in a proper way along the road”. The District Attorney also said the local police department received a call about the pickup truck driving erratically shortly before the crash.

A man who said he witnessed the incident said the truck was moving erratically and almost hit him. He said he didn’t have time to warn the cyclists. The truck later hit the bicyclists killing five.

Pedestrian and bicycle accidents are becoming more common recently due to increase in road congestion and traffic. Drivers of vehicles are not properly sharing the road with pedestrians and cyclists who also have a right to travel on the same roadway. Many accidents involving pedestrian and cyclists can have tragic outcomes including death or significant injuries causing permanent and live changing damages to individuals. Many pedestrian and bicycle accidents are caused by the negligence of the motor vehicle driver not yielding to other individuals who have the right of way.

If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident as a pedestrian or cyclist, it is imperative they contact an experienced personal injury attorney who can protect their rights.

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