Cheap ToysChild InjuryThe Dangers of Buying Cheap Toys from Overseas

November 4, 20230

Parents want to buy the best toys for their kids, especially during the holiday season or on special occasions. The problem is that things have become so challenging for many families that they cannot afford expensive toys. The obvious solution is looking online to find ones that would be ideal, but do not cost too much. There is an issue with doing this because many of these cheaper toys are dangerous in different ways.

Some Toys Have Dangerous Chemicals

Many toys are manufactured using unsafe plastics. For example, the Chartered Trade Institute found that manufacturers are using Phthalates to soften these plastics. This chemical is so dangerous that it is banned in Europe, and toys sold in the United States should not contain more than 0.1% of it.

It is carcinogenic and can cause reproductive issues in adults and long-term negative effects on children’s growth and neurodevelopment. Since the toys containing it sit in the home for multiple months or years, anyone living there continues to be exposed to these chemicals and suffer damages in the long-term.

Use of Small Parts That Children Can Swallow

Many countries have banned products that contain small objects that children can swallow easily. However, cheap toys from different countries still use such parts and do not place any warning labels on the packaging. A parent might buy a product and think it is safe because there are no warnings, only to rush their children to the hospital a few hours later.

The most concerning cases of this issue involve strong magnets and button batteries. Strong magnets can cause severe internal injuries if they are attracted to a metallic object the child stands close to. There have been cases of small button batteries causing children fatalities when swallowed.

Use of Cords That Can Strangle Children

Many toys use batteries for their convenience. However, some come with cords for charging or for activating different mechanisms. While they might seem harmless at first, these chords can be very dangerous.

Left unsupervised, it is easy for a child to strangle themselves without intending to if the cord is long enough. Once they get into a problem with the cord around their neck, they panic and make things much worse for themselves, resulting in wrongful death.

They Can Catch Fire

An issue not discussed nearly enough in the context of cheap toys is how quickly they and related parts catch fire. Some of these toys use chargers that are poorly designed and manufactured. They can overheat, cause their plastic shells to melt, and then catch fire. In rare cases, these chargers also explode and can cause severe injuries to anyone close to them.

Lastly, some of these toys use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. These batteries can be dangerous due to their propensity to catch fire if designed poorly. This is why they have been banned for use in electric motorcycles in countries like China. Any manufacturer who sues them in their toys could face a product liability lawsuit if they catch fire or explode.

Children’s toys should be safe, but cheap ones are not always so. Parents must be careful when shopping for them overseas and ensure they only buy from reputable retailers and brands. If not, there is a high risk of immediate injuries or long-term damage. The good news is you can contact our attorneys at Mass Injury Group if you or a child is harmed by a toy. We can help you file a lawsuit to receive compensation for the injuries and damages.

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