Auto AccidentThe Massachusetts Department of Transportation conducted a study of Cape Cod Traffic in an effort to reduce motor vehicle accidents

April 23, 20150

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation has been studying the traffic conditions in almost 300 locations on and around the Bourne Bridge and the Sagamore Bridge, the two bridges that allow traffic to go to and from Cape Cod over the Canal. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation has identified 82 areas which have the most frequent car crash statistics. The Department of Transportation hopes the study will help determine how to improve the traffic conditions in the Cape Cod Area and to help with reducing the amount of traffic accidents and injuries.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation is also using the study to determine options to alleviate traffic congestion and protect the drivers and passengers of the roadways. Possible Long Term solutions include replacing the Bourne and Sagamore Bridges or possibly building a Third Bridge. Short and medium term solutions include changing the timing of traffic, re-routing traffic and restriping of the lines of the roads. ALL of the possible solutions are meant to increase the safety of the drivers and passengers of Massachusetts who use the state’s roadways in the Cape Cod area.

Hundreds of Motor Vehicle Accidents occur each year in the Cape Cod Area of Massachusetts. Some of these motor vehicle accidents could have been prevented. If you or somebody you know were involved in a motor vehicle accident in Massachusetts and sustained an injury, it is important to determine whether you are entitled to a recovery for your damages. Please contact an expert in the field of motor vehicle negligence at The Mass Injury Group if you have any questions regarding damage recovery from a motor vehicle accident.

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