Auto AccidentVictim of a motor vehicle accident awarded $22 Million from Allstate Insurance

October 30, 20140

A victim of a motor vehicle accident in Pennsylvania was ultimately awarded $22 Million from Allstate insurance as a result of the injuries he received when he was struck by a vehicle in 2009.  The Plaintiff, Patrick Hennessy was a passenger in a vehicle operated by his friend when the car rear ended another vehicle.  The Plaintiff then got out of the vehicle to push the car off the road away from traffic.  He was then struck by another vehicle and his leg was crushed.  His injuries were so severe that his leg needed to be amputated.

The total insurance policy of the responsible party was only $250,000.00.  The insurer of the defendant, Allstate Insurance did not offer the whole policy to resolve the claim and suit was filed.  Ultimately, the plaintiff won a jury verdict that totaled over $22 Million after you take into consideration fees and interest.

This is a classic example of an insurance company failing to do the right thing by initially offering the full insurance policy to the plaintiff when liability and damages were clear.  By failing to act reasonable, Allstate Insurance ultimately needed to pay over 88 times the original amount of their insured’s policy limit.  Please see

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