NegligenceWoman sues a Yoga Studio under the theory of premesis liability after a mirror falls on her while taking a class and causes extensive injuries requiring emergency surgery

June 24, 20140

A women from Oregon sustained serious injuries requiring emergency surgery when she was struck by a falling mirror at a Yoga Studio. The Portland, Oregon women was taking a yoga class when suddenly she was in extreme pain. She then realized she was struck by a falling mirror. The glass fell on her and shattered. A piece of the glass severed a nerve in her ankle requiring immediate surgery. The women’s medical bills totaled over $40,000.00. In addition to her incurring medical bills and pain and suffering, she also lost wages from her work. She was on pain medications and not allowed to drive for months.

The women filed a lawsuit against the yoga studio alleging they negligently placed the mirror on the wall without properly installing it. They did not use and heavy duty screws or other hanging devices. The women claims they just used some glue which was insufficient to hold the mirror in place.

The women is also filing a claim against the Glass Company that installed the mirror. This is another example of a premises liability case where the owner of a business failed to remedy a hazard and ultimately that hazard caused a serious injury.

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